To bring multiple voices and skill sets together in shaping Moving the Forum’s initiative, three curatorial teams focus on various aspects of the project planning. Members of these teams are also artists participating in the work, so their decisions take both their fellow artists as well as the audience into consideration. The teams are interdependent, and frequently collaborate to strengthen the overall focus of the project.

Public Presentations

Michiyasu Furutani, Jana Lüthje, Susanne Soldan

  • Locates the artistic thread running through a diverse range of projects, using it to highlight common themes
  • Organizes and develops formats that open the artistic process to the public
  • Partners with the Discursive Conversations curatorial team to plan and implement the overall dramaturgy for each of the four presentation days

Communication & Documentation

Arantxa Ciafrino, Telmo Branco, Jana Lüthje, Susanne Soldan | Hagar Ophir, Yotam Peled

  • Collects contributions from the artistic teams, participants, and outside eyes for the website, social media, and documentation purposes
  • Formulates texts for website, social media etc. in close interaction with the artistic team
  • Works closely with the team of Public Presentation and Discursive Conversations towards a joint strategy for communicating project narratives, discursive public events, and presentation days
  • Represents the project e.g. in interviews with journalists

In Conversation: Bodies, Objects and Actions

Nora Amin, Telmo Branco, Jana Lüthje, Marcelo Schmittner, Marie Yan

  • Specifies the content and formats for discursive public events in the residencies
  • Supports the project and the individual artists in articulating and/or implementing decolonial, anti-ableist, intersectional feminist practices and frameworks, encouraging practical knowledge and institutional change
  • Commits to critically and genuinely engage with the audiences of the project, listen to, respond to and address questions or critics
  • Creates links to groups (of participants, audience, outside eyes) that are not yet represented and invites people to engage in the conversations
  • Proposes authors for texts or other formats to reflect on the project
  • Develops a podcast series to visibilise the artists and their process and open up the thematics of the project
  • partners with the Public Presentations curatorial team to plan and implement events for each of the four presentation days
  • Can collectively or individually represent the project e.g. in interviews with journalists

Project management: Jana Lüthje, María José Jaña Zuñiga