Moving the Forum – our bodies – our position – our dance is a participatory dance project that critically examines the contents of the collections at the Humboldt Forum, the associated themes and its history, including the demolition of the Palace of the Republic, the reconstruction of the palace, questions of restitution and decolonization.

40 Berlin-based artists work over the course of a year in the public spaces of the Humboldt Forum, involving participants from different communities in their research process and the creation of the artistic work.

The rehearsal process is open also to walk-in visitors – and is made accessible in the form of workshops, discourse formats and final presentations at the end of each chapter.

The core of Moving the Forum is the multiperspectivity of the artistic team, which, in thirteen projects, has chosen different approaches to address the issues related to the building and its presence in Berlin, and, in this research, to enter into dialogue with people who work in the institution.

It is about questioning existing structures, renegotiating hierarchies, power and presence, and redefining space and history.