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Out of the refuse a new creature emerges: a persistent multi-species muddle, a wormy pile, a teeming motley plague that dances a revolution. PRUSAKI CORPS is a collective identity referring to the group and to each of its members when engaging in PRUSAKI CORPS activities.


We work in/with the passage of the HuFo, which we perceive as the digestive channel of the building that lets things in and out. Similarly, we use the (digestive) passage in our body -or mouth and anus at both ends- to generate movement and expression for an undivided head-body unit typical of the PRUSAKI and other parasitic species. In this way, we undertake a critical digestive process that challenges the patriarchal, imperial, and hegemonic power expressed in and through the HuFo. What is harmful or even toxic must be excreted.

In our non-hierarchical ensemble, we will create a collective body out of the juxtaposition and alliance of divergence, mutation and revolt, as opposed to assimilation and uniformity. Our intervention score – so-called “tentacular interruptions”- is based on co-determination and allows for every participant to initiate.

Research Questions

Post-humanistic bodies - how can the body be(come) an agent of rebellion?
How can we, by moving, become a movement that laughs power out of court?
How can we use interruption and disruption as generative and creative tools?

The PRUSAKI are born out of the sewer system below the Humboldt Forum and the sewer grates are the portal through which they make their appearance in the overworld.
The name PRUSAKI originates in the curious coincidence that the Polish language uses this same word to designate both cockroaches and Prussians. The PRUSAKI organize themselves in CORPS and they go about their business like cockroaches and other plagues.

They are artistic autodidacts and insufferable insubordinates. Their research over the seven seas and the seven heavens has led to the discovery that there is one great big hell that encompasses all: the big amount of bullsh*t dished out by the powerful to remain in power.

They have worked, amongst others, with E-Coli-Broccoli Tanzcompanie, German Vermin Association, Bündnis Komposthaufen and in collaboration with individual artists such as MC Kack, Violetta Toiletta and Roy de Stroy.

Their current activities include cataloguing the vast archive of objects that make up the world-wide acclaimed collection administered by PRUSAKI Kulturbesitz©.