07.04.2022 #PresentationDay

Recollection in 3 colors explores the connection between history and memory.


Recollection in 3 colors explores the connection between history and memory. The Humboldt Forum site has been part of many points in history and continues to contribute to it. Through researching and discussing the history of the location, we will create a sound installation looking at history as a collection of memories. With the help of the participants’ and the public’s own memories, we will build up the sound collage and shape it into a composition that can be moved throughout, experiencing the overwhelming cluster of memories. Thus reflecting the history of the Humboldt Forum site itself.

Research Questions

Can the history of the Humboldt site be viewed from an unbiased perspective? What if the history was seen similarly to our own memories?As the Humboldt site's memories spanning multiple centuries. By moving towards a specific memory, rises controversy or a film? Moving towards the middle it is a cluster of memories.

Rieko Okuda

is a pianist and a composer from Japan. She began to play Classical music at the age of 3. She also studied Jazz in USA. She fell right into the Jazz scene in USA, performing with some of the great American Jazz musicians at several jazz festivals such as North Texas Jazz Festival, Nortredam Jazz Festival to name a few. A couple of years later, she got interested in Free Jazz and Improvised music while she was in
Phliladelphia. She performed with the great improvisers includes Marshall Allen (from San Ra Orchestra),
Elliott Levine (recorded with Cecil Taylor), and Calvin Weston (recorded with Ornette Coleman). Her interests in Improvised music led her to move to Berlin. In 2017 and 2018, she got the residency in Elektronik Music Studio (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden. This residency experiences inspired her to Electro-Acoustic field, and she started to invite the electronics to her piano solo pieces. In 2020, she has be granted by Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the residency in Visby International Centere for Composers (VICC) to extend her experience, and find more possibilities to create various sounds and composition techniques.

Antti Virtaranta

Antti Virtaranta is a bassist and composer. He studied jazz music in Philadelphia. In 2011 he moved to Berlin to focus on improvised and experimental music. He is active in multiple groups collaborating, not only with musicians, but visual artists and dancers as well. His bass playing is a mixture of pulses and rhythms in a stream of tones and sonic textures.