What is Moving the Forum for us?

Moving the Forum for us is about dealing with the unknown as a collective. It is about confronting different expectations, wishes, criticism and questioning our process as it goes. We try to work with the class at eye level and as active creators. Also to build an artistic space between and together with two complex institutions that are The School system and the HF.”
– Team – “Das ist kein Spiel”

“Moving the Forum is

  • the place to practice loving others as they are, as well as to practice loving myself as I am.
  • the place to rethink together and listen to each other.
  • the place to give and share, not to take or hide.
  • the place to practice true equality.
  • the place to slow down, and go step by step with everyone.
  • the moment to celebrate our life
  • the real magic.
  • the moment to create new possibilities for our society.”

– Akemi Nagao (“BIO-DIVERSE-CITY”)

“For me, it is a way of moving the lines of prejudice, of clichés between people and their identity. That is why I take the chance to work into the question of “how to decolonize a body? “. If the masks represent the identity of the people, to deconstruct them in space and time inspires me a lot.”
– Ahmed Soura (“Decolonization and memory of living masks”)

“Dance is action. Our mission in this project is to incite/provoke/press the Humboldt Forum to take concrete ACTIONS towards decolonization rather than talking about it.We are here to use dance as a medium, NOT TO DECORATE and NOT TO ADD A SPARKLE OF DIVERSITY that will make the Humboldt Forum’s loftiness more palatable. We invite people in Berlin who agree with our mission to join us and create a critical mass that generates CHANGE in the Humboldt Forum.”