04.10.2021 Das ist kein SpielListening bodiesRestless Objects

Moving The Forum – Chapter 1: Approaching

On October 9, 2021, from 4pm to 9pm, four teams of artists will be presenting the results of their work created for the first chapter, entitled Approaching, on site of the Humboldt Forum. 

With Restless Objects, Hagar Ophir questions the display of “absence” and proposes a rehearsal of emptying the exhibition space from its objects.

Tamar Grosz, Guilherme Morais, Marcelo Omine, and Emilio Gordoa work in Das ist kein Spiel with a group of young students to undermine hierarchies and structures of control with perspectives of the young.

Listening Bodies, an investigation by Gabriele Reuter, Marcelo Schmittner and Charlotte Virgile into the last forty years of the Humboldt Forum site, explores companionship and aural history as intersectionality is addressed in one-on-one formats. Due to limited number of participants, pre-registration at the information desk is necessary for Listening Bodies. Start: 16.30 / 17.10 / 17.50 / 19.10 / 19.50

Miguel Witzke Pereira‘s performance and video installation Warrior traces lost events and reclaims occupied space. The starting point of his artistic research is the Skulpturensaal am Schlüterhof.

The performances will be looped and accompanied by discursive events that take up the topics of the works.We are very much looking forward to welcoming you on site.