A nomadic performance process revolving around storytelling of mature participants, and the construction of homes, questioning risk and comfort zones within the museum.


The Living Room is a nomadic performance process, an exploration and an expansion to spaces in the museum, interacting with them through a symbiosis. 

Our group consists of mature participants, with whom together we aim to construct intimate safe zones inside the Humboldt forum – homes which embody their individual fantasies and needs. We wish to make an experienced body, which has a history and stories to tell, present and moving in the museum, underlining the connection between the past and a tangible future. 

We crash 

We build our home 

We explore 




We are the wild 


into a possible future


Home as a reflection of a safe zone. How can we create a vulnerable and brave space inside the museum, which is designated for the construction of each individual’s home, within the conditions and discourse of the HtF?
mature performers as storytellers in the museum. Can a body of a person, especially one that is mature and experienced, be a vessel of sharing history and memories, and influence the course of our future through a performative act?
re-defining physical comfort in relation to social change. Can we, through facilitating a journey which confronts our body with its possibilities and limitations, shake our rigidness, and encourage a constant flux in a society which follows ideals of comfort, fixation and security?

Yotam Peled

Marie Hanna Klemm

Nitzan Moshe