‘Restless Objects’ is an ongoing ritualistic rehearsal towards a possible act of emptying the museum from its heritage.


In parallel to the long-running and complex operation of transferring artefacts from the collection of the Ethnological Museum of Berlin to the Humboldt Forum, rehearsals towards a counter course of action will take place. The pubic is invited to witness members of the restoration team and art handlers of the institution rehearsing a procedure of emptying the vitrines in the new exhibition spaces at the Berliner Schloss. Touching upon the complexities of exhibiting ethnological collections in European institutions and in the Humboldt Forum in particular, the work will ask to set a clear reminder that the future of the objects in the collection is questionable and yet to be determined. 



How are high-value artefacts being delivered from one collection space to another and what institutional undercurrents does this procedure bring to the surface?
In which ways does the continuous moving of plundered collections perform the imperial power structures, and what other actions can transgress this performance?
What happens when the art handlers are re-choreographed, and what rehearsals and actions should we practice for a possibility of emptying the Museum spaces?

Hagar Ophir


Dana Yahalomi

Dramaturgie & künstlerische Beratung

Itamar Gov


Johanna Kapp


Maike Voelkel


Christian H. Cordes


Diana Sirianni

Art handling

Ghaith Hanki