We work together with a group of 31 kids to create a playful choreography of sound and performance. We present the children’s interplayed reaction to the HF, touching the problematic tradition of colonialism and cultural appropriation.


Our project aim is to create an in-depth conversation with the teens of a 7th grade class (Robert-Blum-Schule) about the HF. At first, the kids were presented with the topics of Colonialism, of cultural appropriation/appreciation  and of social rules. The topic interconnect and work as guidelines for the kids to understand the power that lies in a public performance. We meet once a  week online or in person, and practice together artistic forms of movement/  sound/ spoken text and performance. Through fun investigation and playful  games, we try to open a space for the kids to express how the topic touches  them.


How to approach an artistic work, which in this case includes complex discourses, with a group of 7th grade young people?
We explore performative games as a media to touch complex subjects, (such as: colonialism, cultural appreciation/appropriation, social rules (in a museum) as a social construction).
How do we, the team leaders, work together with the teens, and not impose our authority on the work but facilitate a space for their voices.
How can we play with sound and body in a space like the FH?
How does the place make us feel?
How would we like to react to it?
Is there a reaction, a comment, an idea, the kids would like to express with an audience?
How can it be transmitted?

Guilherme Morais

Marcelo Omine

Emilio Gordoa

Tamar Grosz