Three of Moving the Forum’s twelve artist teams examine what it means to encounter the newly-constructed Humboldt Forum from the outside and on what terms entry into such a space can be made. Audio walks, performative actions, and the politics of play enable project participants to engage with institutional, architectural, and historical frictions housed within the building. With Restless Objects, Hagar Ophir questions the display of “absence” and proposes a rehearsal of emptying the exhibition space from its objects. Tamar Grosz, Guilherme Morais, Marcelo Omine, and Emilio Gordoa work with a group of young students to undermine hierarchies and structures of control with perspectives of the young. Listening Bodies, an investigation by Gabriele Reuter, Marcelo Schmittner and Charlotte Virgile into the last forty years of the Humboldt Forum site, explores companionship and aural history as intersectionality is addressed in one-on-one formats.
For each of these projects, the artists will work with members of the public to craft and develop their research over the course of six weeks, beginning 23 August, 2021. On 9 October, the results of the research will be presented alongside discursive events aimed toward critical dialogue. Details forthcoming.